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The Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee and the Urban Land Institute commissioned HR&A Advisors to examine the MTA Capital Program.

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HR&A Advisors, Inc. ("HR&A")

HR&A is a leading economic development consulting firm that specializes in conducting economic and fiscal impact studies on behalf of clients in the public and private sectors. HR&A has measured the economic and fiscal impacts of a diverse array of proposed transportation and infrastructure projects in the New York metropolitan area, including the Long Island Rail Road Third Track, the Move New York plan, Access to the Region’s Core (ARC), and the extension of the Long Island Rail Road to Lower Manhattan.

NYU Schack Analysis

Students from the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate analyzed the importance of the MTA to the New York region, including a review of existing literature on transportation investment.

Expert Roundtables

The PCAC and ULI NY organized and hosted 7 roundtables with leaders in transportation, real estate, policy, and business to gain their perspective on the MTA’s regional significance.

Research & Analysis

In collaboration with the PCAC and ULI NY, HR&A Advisors conducted additional research and analysis on the MTA Capital Program, its impact on the region, and the importance of transportation investments in maintaining economic competitiveness.

Report Development

This report addresses the MTA’s importance to the regional economy and the importance of sustained capital investment in the system.